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President's Report


We wish you all Very Special Happy New Year. This New Year 2017 will bring Peace, Prosperity, Happiness
and Good Health for you and your family. All the festival celebrations of year 2016 were a huge success and will be
memorable for many years to come. It gives me great pleasure to express my appreciation to each of you for your
attendance, support, cooperation and generous donation throughout the year and showing the trust in us. I am
blessed to have wonderful, dedicated and hard-working executive committee members. My sincere thanks to all
Executive Committee members, their spouses and volunteers for their dedicated hard work during each
celebration. Our secret of success is – Very positive thinking, Ready to adopt new ideas & concepts, Best
management / planning & spending many many hours, and smooth execution of plans.
We have accomplished many temple development projects in 2016. See Executive Committee Report Card on
page 3. We have taken certain cost saving measures, which saves more than $25,000 of temple money per year. In
upcoming days, to establish Good Governance in temple day-to-day operations is our top priority. We
will offer better priest services to our community, new web site, computerization of priest service reservation
(online) and various temple operations, youth development and promotion of various activities for Senior Citizens.
Our vision is to unite the entire community on the platform of Hindu Jain Temple and we succeed up to
certain level. Hindu Jain Temple EC members, Maharashtra Mandal of Pittsburgh (MMPGH) EC members and
uncountable volunteers worked shoulder to shoulder the whole week to make the Ganesh Utsav a huge success
which will became a memorable celebration for years to come. Hundreds of devotees took part in celebration and
seek the blessing of Lord Ganesh. Hindu Jain Temple and Bengali Association of Pittsburgh has organized fabulous
collaborative Bhajan Sandhya and everyone enjoyed the melodious Bhajan. It was wonderful experience working
with MMPGH and Bengali Association. My sincere thanks to MMPGH and Bengali Association executive
committee members and all the volunteers. We will do more programs together with various local organizations in
upcoming days and create a harmony in the temple.
In year 2016, the temple has received the highest number of temple membership (734 members) in last five
years. Congratulations to our entire community! The temple management thanks to the entire community and has
decided to offer a beautiful gift article as Diwali Gift for such achievement. Please collect your membership gift
from temple.
2017 Membership: Temple membership for the year 2017 is due on January 1, 2017, and must be paid by
March 31, 2017 to exercise the right to vote. You can also become a member or renew your membership online thru
the Temple website. I request every family to become a member of HJT and urge you to upgrade your membership
to Trustee, if feasible. Let’s write our first check of 2017 for our temple membership. Thanks


Chetan Patel                                              “Dream to do Something and not to become Someone”


Copyright, Hindu Jain Temple, 615 Illini Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146