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Vidya Mandir Thought of the Day
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We will be uploading all thought of the day messages, from Vidya Mandir. 

9/28 - Navarati - Nishant Agrawal



10/19 - Diwali - Gita Sharma
As you all know, Diwali is quickly approaching. A few weeks back Sanjay Uncle had told us how a common misconception of Diwali is that it's the festival of lights. It is really us performing Lakshmi Puja and celebrating the arrival of Bhagwan Ram from his 14 years of exile.

"Laksh" is a Sanskrit word meaning "goal". Therefore, Lakshmi represents the Goal of Life: which includes prosperity & peace for yourself, family, and society.

By doing Lakshmi Puja, we are honoring the Goddess Shakti which helps us reach the goal: peace & prosperity.  There are three ways to worship Lakshmi Ma:
1. Sat Karma - working with devotion for a good/true reason
2. Tapas - do not waste your earnings/wealth on unnecessary things
3. Seva - sharing and helping others in any way that you can

The best way for us to perform Lakshmi Puja is to do the three things listed above. Happy Diwali!


12/7 - Karma Yoga - Neha Joshi:

Always do the correct action with the right attitude, no matter the consequences.
This is the meaning of Karma Yoga, one of the three Yogas--Karma, Bhakti, and Gyan. It says that even if what you get after the task is good or bad, do the task if you know it is right.  You don't know what will happen after you do it.  You only know the reason for doing it.
The shlok Karmanye Vadhikaraste from the Gita shows this.
Karmanye vadhikaraste, ma faleshu kadachan.  Ma karmafalheturbhoorma, te sangoastva karmani.
It says that you have the right to perform an action, and not to what will happen if you do it.  Don't do something because of what you will get from it.  Do it because it is right.  But, don't do nothing at all, even if nothing good will come out of it.
This shlok is written in the Gita and is Bhagavan Krishna's words.  Bhagavan Krishna is talking to Arjun before they go into war.  In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas--Arjun and his four brothers-- and their army were fighting against their cousins,--the Kauravas--friends, and teachers.  Arjun did not want to fight, because he did not know if they would win or lose.  He didn't want something bad to happen to him or his brothers after the war because they fought.  Bhagavan Krishna said that anything can happen, but he still should fight.  The Pandavas are fighting the Kauravas to get rid of evil.  Whatever happens after the war will happen, but the task was to get rid of evil, not win the war and everything that they would get with it.
For example, when we play a sport, none of us should think about winning or losing.  Always think about the best you can do.  Work the hardest that you can.

12/14 - Dharma - Nikhil Maheshwari:



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