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Religion Deities Radha Krishna
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Radha Krishna



Bhagwan Krishna is the Eighth incarnation of Vishnu. This incarnation has had the most pronounced effect on Hindu thought & life-- literature, paintings, music, dance, mysticism and poetry among others. His life exemplifies nonattachment to worldly objects and he is considered the supreme YOGI. In life God gives us body mind &intellect-- the soul is mere knower & observer.

Bhagwan Krishna’s sermon to Arjun on the battlefield (BHAGVAT GITA) is the essence of Hindu scriptures. Like Arjun we have to fight our own battles & do our karma- if we continually look to the Lord and make Him our guide, we will be victorious. Krishna is worshipped along with Radha. If one loves God intensely, unselfishly & wholeheartedly, one can elevate self to be worthy of being worshipped along with God. Like his flute, if divinity breathes life into it, our life can make divine music!


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