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Education Vidya Mandir
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Vidya Mandir of the Hindu Jain Temple

The Hindu Jain Temple holds the Vidya Mandir (or Sunday School) during the regular academic school year. Classes are held each Sunday - with the exception of holiday weekends and weekends with special temple events. Students from ages 4 to 18 are welcome to attend and learn a language (Gujarati, Hindi, or Marathi), learn about the Hindu Dharma, or take cultural classes in music, dance and vocals. The Sunday school holds a special events for the Children's Staphana in which all three Pittsburgh Sunday schools (the Hindu Jain Temple, North Hills, and South Hills) participate in dance and cultural programs given by children.

The Vidya Mandir is run by volunteers and lunch is provided fee of charge.




Vidya Mandir Lunch Schedule Year 15-16


If you have not signed up for lunch this year - please sign up!


Contact Amita Mehta or Rajeev Agarwal for any questions.



Vidya Mandir Calendar





Lunch Menu/Recipes


    Aloo Puri

    Chole Naan

    Pav Bhaji




Vidya Mandir Syllabus

    Hindi Syllabus - Overview

    Religion Syllabus - Sanjay Mehta ji

    Kindergarten (Luv Kush) Syllabus - Rajiv Tiwari

     3rd Grade Hindi Detailed Syllabus - Swati Agrawal & Nupur 



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