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 1st Annual Hindu Priests' Pandits' Conference

The Hindu Mandir Executive Conference (HMEC) held the first annual Hindu Pandits' Conference, hosted by The Hindu Jain Temple and the Sri Venkateswara Temple, on April 27 and 28, 2012.  The purohits (pandits) play an essential role in the spiritual and cultural welfare of North American Hindu society. The conferees explored ways to make the pandits’ roles more effective in meeting the ever changing needs of North American Hindus.


Conference Brochure: HMEC Part 1, HMEC Part 2

The Conference Agenda: Conference Agenda 2012

The presentations and videos are now available on this site. Please expand the sections:

Keynote Address

Here is the audio version of the keynote address:



Video, Part 1: {youtube}mjxDO1pDgdM{/youtube}

Video, Part 2: {youtube}-uwx53k8wkI{/youtube}

Video, Part 3: {youtube}CSYi8WASg-U{/youtube}

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