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I wish you all Happy, Healthy & Prosperous NEW YEAR 2019 

I want first  to congratulate the entire Hindu Jain Temple community, our respected priests Shree Josjiji, Shree Pandeyji, and Shree Jagdishji, Board of trustees and the entire Executive and all the  volunteers for the successful events for the month of October and November.

They are Vice president Hitesh Mehta, Treasure Dinesh Patel, Secretary- Rajeev Agarwal, Ajapa Mukherjee, Jayesh Selokar,Vibha Prasad, Manoj Verma, Lalit Pate, Ravi Kumar, Sumedha Nagpal, Priyesh Shah, Damyant Aggarwal, Laxman Prajapat, Shiv Sharma, Himashu Doshi, Srinivasu Cheriipally and Santosh Prasad.

Volunteers are: Meena Kumar, Veena Srivastava, Neelam Bajaj, Jagjit Bajaj,  Badri Prasad, Rashmi Bhalakhia, Mahendra Bhalakhia Maya Joshi, Radha Pandey, Ranjan Patel, Alka Patel, Jeevan Sharma, Madhu Verma, Mehul Vakil, Rohini Selokar, Monica Soi, Poonam Mehrotra, Har Bhai, Mahendra Shah, Sanjay Mehta, Suneel Maheshwari, Parminder Sharma, Anil Manocha, Prabir Mullick, Kiran Aggarwal, Dayal & Nita Sutaria, Rekha Monpara, Ketu Shah, Satish Gupta, Ram Bajaj, Pankaj Mehrotra, Nick Patel, Bimal Patel, and many others.

We had prayers  in the temple for Tree of life victims. On behalf of the Temple we sent letter of condolence and solidarity to all Jewish temples and synagogues in Pittsburgh area.

Garba, Mata Ki Chowki, Karvachauth, Diwali Puja, Mahavir Nirvan all were successful events. Annakut was a  splendid event under the leadership of Dayal Sutariaji and his team. They raised funds for food for Diwali Puja and Annakut Puja. Diwali Dinner was an  outstanding event.   Mehulji brought Roshni Productions who gave excellent program and the lead Singer Sanjay Vasita who was outstanding. Thanks to all raffle donors, Nickji, Hiroo bhai, Savitaji, Narpatji, Raviji, Himashuji, Dineshji, Lalitji, Ushaji, Udipi café, Patel Brothers, Pari Collection, Ajapaji, Monicaji, Natashaji, Sumedhaji. A very special thanks to Vin family for sponsoring the venue for Diwali Dinner. Special thanks to Bimal Patelji who sponsored ten artists stay in his hotel without any charge to the Temple. 

My very special thanks to Jain Society and its members for their financial contribution of $20,000 to the Hindu Jain Temple. I want to thank  them for increasing the level of financial contribution to the temple. It will help the temple maintain its financial stability and continue to organize major religious and cultural events throughout the year. I want to thank Gujrati Samaj and its members for the donation of $2000 to the Hindu Jain temple during Diwali dinner 2018. It will help   temple tremendously. I want to thank Mr. Hiroo Bhai Patel who has supported me in each and every way. My Special thanks to Nick Patel who has worked very hard to stop water leaks  in the temple. Soon Shikhar work will be completed with the installation of new Shikhars. My special thanks to  our office Manager Ramani Botta who runs the day to day to operation of the temple smoothly and maintain the finances properly. Thanks to Damyantji the new Sunday school principal who  is running the Sunday school well. All volunteers and EC worked very hard to make all events successful. Lalit Pate works very hard as maintenance chair. He got Community hall painted and painting money was donated by Laxman Prajapat, parking lot cracks were repaired, every small or big job get done by Lalitji in timely manner. Vibha Prasad has been arranging all religious events with the help of Madhu Verma, Sumedha Nagpal, Ravi Kumar, Ajapa Mukherjee Parminder Sharma and Damyant Aggarwal. Shiv Sharma has been maintaining financial report with the help of Ramniji. Dinesh bhai takes care of hundi. Sanjay Mehta is the editor of Temple Calendar and his calendar team of Madhu Verma, Manoj Verma, Santosh Prasad, Srinivas Cherukupalli & Sarita. Manoj Verma maintain website and face book for the temple. Srinivas Cherukupalli is taking care of email, if you do not get email please use temple website ( add your email address (do not forget to press submit button). Prabir Mullick and Anil Manocha take care of landscaping. This week Temple is distributing Sleeping bags, winter hats, gloves and socks to homeless at two different shelters. Devotees have donated money for this cause thank you all for your donations and special thanks to Sunday school children and youth also collected money for this drive. Senior Council of the temple is running very well with the help og Mahanderji and Satishji. The 2019 Calendar will be mailed to you soon.

The upcoming events: New year Havan , Makar Sankrtri, Shivratri, Holi Ka Dahan, Holi color playing, Mata Ki Chowki, Chethi Chand Havan,  Rama Navami, Hanuman Janam Kalyan and on May 5th 35 Sthapna Diwas, we will perform Maha Rudram for 5 Hours. Which will Start at 7:00 a.m.We will need volunteers for this occasion. In 2018 all events were in positive financially, including youth camp. We all work as a team shoulder to shoulder hand in hand. We are trying to balance our donations and expenditures to ensure that we are financially sound. We will continue to provide the best possible services to the Temple community. Anyone can sponsor the first Sunday of the month Havan or any other Puja. There are many activities all are listed on our website. We make every effort to ensure that temple serves religious and cultural need  of the community. If you want to suggest any changes in the temple operation, please let me know. Please donate generously. Temple needs your help. You can contact temple: 724-325-2073, or Office manager Ramniji 724-325-2054 any of the EC members, volunteers or board members. You can donate on line. 


Thank You.

Sarita Singh



                           PLEASE RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP FOR 2019


House Keeping Notice

There is Extra Large Brass Thal is missing from the temple, anyone has borrowed it, please bring it back to the temple.

Please do not leave any grocery items or used and old household items in the temple.


                     Scholarship forms are available on Temple website.