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I have almost completed one year as a president of Hindu Jain Temple. With the grace of God, everyone’s hard work, encouragement and commitment from executive committee officers and its members, volunteers, board of trustee officers and its members. Also, with blessings of and guidance of 

our respected priests, temple office manager’s help as well lot of patience and help from my family we had a very successful year in every aspect. Either it is membership (we have approximately 600 members), or festivals celebrations with big crowds cutting down the costs, making templefinancially sound and keeping temple maintenance upto dateIt is because of your support temple’s financial condition has been stable and it is in good condition. Financially we are doing well. While giving the best religious services to the community. We also took some cost cutting steps while increasing monthly religious events.

 It is my distinct honor and pleasure to report to you activities events and accomplishments of the Hindu- Jain Temple for the year July 2017 -June 2018. It was only possible because of hard working our respected priests and  Executive committee and Volunteers.  Thank you all. 

Temple is dedicated to meet the religious and cultural needs of the community. We come to the temple to pray, perform our own Pujas Archnas and other religious activities. Our three priests respected Joshiji, Respected Pandeyji and respected Jagdishji arrange Pujas for us and during our major religious events throughout the year. They meet with individuals and groups to provide religious guidance at their request. Our priests are very busy, they perform pujas out-side the temple as well as at temple premises. These include daily pujas, weddings, mundans housewarming pujs’s, namkaran, grah shanti pujas, car puja special festival pujas like Diwali and many more.  Our priest’s availability is on our website and I request all of you to use temple website for priests scheduling.

 I offer my deep respect and thanks to our priests for their religious guidance and Pujas they perform. Temple office Manager Ramniji has been a great asset for day to day management of the temple and I want to thank her.

Members of executive committee, its officers, volunteers and sub-committees chair persons plan for all events of the temple, with extreme enthusiasm and participate in all the events of the temple. I want to thank all of them for their work in the temple and service to the community.

We in  the executive committee are always trying to do better. We take peoples comments and criticism seriously. We also learn from doing things and always try to do better. It is a continuous process.


Last Year Events: were the following:

  Temple Summer Camp was a great success under the leadership of Sanjay Gulatiji and his team. The kitchen was coordinated by Sumedha Nagpal and her team. Almost seventy children attended the camp.I want to thank volunteers for their hard work. 

  Sawan Mass Rudra Abhisheks and Regular Abhisheks, Ekadashi, and Poornima Katha were very well attended under the leadership of Vibha Prasad and Parminder Sharma with the help of many volunteers. 

  Shree Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated twice, first on August 14th and then on August 19th for the second time.  These were successful events with large crowds on both days. Prasad was made at the Temple premises with the help of volunteers and EC members. On Saturday August 19, we had an excellent Bhajan singers, Ashit Bhai Desai and Hemaben Desai,  from Mumbai arranged by Priyeshji, Nikhil Asharji and Their team. Hiteshji and Mehuji arranged for the food.   

  Paryushan was celebrated from August 18 through August 25. Das Laxana was celebrated on August 27.  

On August 26, The Temple celebrated Ganesh Utsav with Maharashtra Mandal of Pittsburgh. It was a successful event in which many people participated. September 1stwas Ganesh Visarjan- Under the leadership of Jayeshji who worked very hard to make it a succesful event. Ajapaji, Sriji, Suneelji, Rajeevji, Anilji also worked very hard to help Jayeshji. Maharashtra Mandal, Preetiji, Veenaji and Sunilji also worked hard.

On sept. 6thSharad started.  Our priests performed this ritual very nicely.

 On Sept. 10thOur Sunday school started. We had approximately 40 children registered

 On Sept 13thstudents from Bethany college came. They were helped and attended by HariBhai, Arun Jatkarji, Ajapaji,    Hithesh     Bhai and Trika Kumarji. Our ethnic food was arranged by Hitesh Bhai and Trika Kumarji. All students were happy to see such a beautiful temple and also enjoyed the Indian food. Thanks to all those who helped.

On sept 20thNavratri started. Thanks to Vibhaji and all priests for organizing all eight days of Shard Kaleen Durga Path. Many people attended the puja for all eight days.

Of-course we had splendid Garba on Friday September 22nd more than 600 people attended. It was a very successful program under the the Leadership of Priyesh Bhai.It was good to see many young people dancing.

Mataji Ki Chowki was a very successful program under the leadership of Sumedhaji & Krishnajis with the help of Monicaji

 Adarshji, Neelamji, Veenaji, Jayeshji, Parminderji and Damyantji. Anil Duaji sang beautifully.

Akhand Ramyan was arranged under the leadership of Parminderji & Vibhaji, with the help of Damyantji and many other people. It was very succesful. 

Ravan Dhan was also very successful event. Maha Prasad was cooked by volunteers on same morning.Thank you all Vibhaji, Sumedhaji,Ajapaji Mayaji, Radhaji, Meenaji, Veenaji, Neelamji Swatiji, Jagjitji, Badriji, Rajeevji, Santoshji, Ramniji,Madhuji Gloria.

Ravan Dahan would was huge success with the help of Mahendra Bhai’s art work and Vedji woodwork in putting it together with the help of Damyantji, Suneelji, Jayeshji, Lalitji & Sriji. Darshanji and Vijaiji provided goodie bags for children. Thanks to all who provided stalls and cooked food.First time Joint Garba of Gujrati Samaj and Hindu Jain Temple organized on October   13that Marshal Middle school.

 Oct. 8thwas Sunday school Havan was performed by the children.

 On October 8thKarva Chauth Puja was well attended and beautifully done   by Shree Jagdishji with the help of Poonamji, Vibhaji and  Manoji, Suneeji  Jayeshji and Sriji. October 15thwas cleanup day under the leadership of Prabirji and Anilji.   Many voluneers & EC members  helped. On October 18thDiwali Puja was done beautifully By Sh.Joshiji, Sh. Pandeyji and Sh.  Jagdishji. It was well attended and well   executed  followed        

  by dinner and fireworks. In spite of weekday it was well attended. On October 20thAnnakut was celebrated under the leadership of Madhuriji  and Rashmiji.  It was a beautiful day with devotional ambiance  Our priests and devotees sang Krishna Bhajans. Hundreds of different items were offered to God  as  prasad. Followed by Mahaprasad. October 21stTemple celebrated Mahavir Nirvan.On October 22ndChitragupt Puja was performed. Annual Diwali Dinner on October 29th was a very successful event which was well planned and well attended. Hitesh  Master entertainment group from Chicago was outstanding. Many many thanks to all executive committee members and volunteers those worked very hard to make a very successful event. Special thanks to  Mahendar Shah for donating his painting which was auctioned during         

  Diwali Dinner. Also thanks to Silberman for donating money for Diwali Dinner. My very special thanks to Gujrati Samaj for donating $2000 for Diwali Dinner.  Divine creations , Erin & Tara  for decoration.  Hari Bhai Patel was given an award for his life time service to the temple.November 29th  we celebrated Gita Jayanti.  In December we had senior citizens program which was well attended and a very successful. We had very informative talk on nutrition by Mrs. Shobha Nath, thank you Shobhaji. Thanks Sanjay Mehtaji who has been working very hard for temple Calendar For many years. We had very successful new year Havan, Inspite of cold weather it was well attended and very well executed by EC and volunteers, thanks to all our priests. Special thanks to Taj (Ushaji) for donating food for New Year HavanThanks to  Lalitji for donating Sound system and wing chairsand working hard for removing the snow in the parking lot. Thanks to Dinesh Bhai for getting furnace repaired of the main temple and working hard on financial reports. Thanks to Jain Group for donating $15,000 for temple  operating expenses. A very special thanks to Anilji, Himanshuji, Sanjayji G and Rajeevji who stood in10temperature to help for parking.We  celebrated Makar Sankrati on January 14th in which Sunday school children performed the Havan. In-spite of cold weather children flew balloons in the air.  instead of kitesOn February 4thvery successful Saraswati Puja on Vasant Panchmi day in the temple in which Puja was performed by the children. We celebrated Maha Shivratri on Feb 13thalmost 600 people performed Shiva abhishek throught the day.  Holi Ka Dahan and Purnima Katha on March 1stBoth functions were a great success. Holi color playing on March 3rd, was a huge success Sumedha and 

 her team organized the function. Sunday school Children performed Havan on March 11th. On March18th Hindu New   

  year 2075 started.Cheti  Chad (Sindhi New Year) Havan was performed by temple devoted Sindhi group. Same day we celebrated Mata Ki Chowki. Our respected Josjiji and Jagdhiji sang outstanding Mata ke Bhajans. Leader for the program was Monicaji, Sumedhaji, Adarshji.On March 24th Akhand  Ramayan started and on March 25thRamayan Samapan Again, thanks to Joshiji and Jagdishji .This program was successful under the leadership of Damyantji and Parminderji with the help of Sunday School volunteers and children. Children participated in Ram Janam 

Ceremony and Arti. We had visitors on Ramnavmi day. Two groups of approximately 60 Visitors form Duquesne University and State College visited the temple. We told them about our religious traditions. Both groups were very well attended by Hari Bhai. On March 27thwe had another group of thirty visitors led by Reverend Scharding.Also, on March 28thDr. Hill Gardner visited from Bethany College WV, visitors were attended by Shashankji, Narenderji, Damyantji, and Hiteshji. On March 30thwe celebrated Chaitra Purnima. Poonamji organized the puja. On March 31stwe celebrated Hanuman Jayanti (Hanumanji’s Janamutsav), under the leader ship of Parminderji.Mahavir Janam Kalayan was celebrated on April 1st. On May 6thwe celebrated Temple 34thSthapna Ceremony. It was an outstanding function with Sundar Kand recital. Attendees were given Ramayan and Ramyan was donated by Dinesh Bhai and family. Food was donated by Ushaji from Taj. EC committee worked very hard to make a successful event. On May12th was Sunday School children Sthapna program held at the S. V. temple auditorium in which south hills Sunday school also participated. This program was done under the leadership of Rajeevji. Jain group On May 13thperformed auspicious ceremony of the Aadhar (18)   Abhisheks for Lord Shree Parshvanath,Lord Shree Simandhar Swami and Lord Shree Shantinath's  Idols. Sadharmik Vatsalya followed by Abhishek ceremony.June 10thGraduation Puja was a great success under the leadership of Manoji, Prabirji and Ajapaji. Suneelji helped in selecting the students for scholarship. A very inspiring lecture by Dr Hariharanji. Almost ten high school graduates attended  the Graduation Havan.  We just had a very successful mini camp under the leadership of Damyant Aggawal who had many volunteers were there to help.On July 1st. First New Executive committee performed Havan.


My special thanks to executive committee members those are not continuing for the next year as executive committee members. They are Parminder Sharma, Suneel Mahewari, Anil Manocha, Prabir Ray, Prabir Mullick, Meera Shah, Sanjay Gulati.

 New Executive committee:

 I would like to welcome the new executive committee President- Sarita Singh, Vice President -Hitesh Mehta, Sectrtary- Rajeev Agarwal, Treasurer -Dinesh Patel, Members, 1Damyant Aggarwal 2. Srinivasu Cherupally 3. Himanshu Doshi  4.Ravi Kumar 5. Ajapa Mukherjee 6.Sumedha Nagpal 7. Lalit Pate 8.  Vibha Prasad 9. Santosh Prasad 10. Shiv Sharma 11. Jayesh Selokar 12 Manoj Verma


 Up coming Projects for the Temple:

1.Need to buy 300 chairs for the community hall. Our Secretary Ramniji has donated $2000 for chairs, we do need $3000 moree. If you would like to donate please call the temple or contact any of the EC  


2. For Community Hall need to install sound system.

 3. Community hall painting has started. Laxman Prajapati has donated $4500, for painting

 4. This year Life time trusteeis Satish and Charu Chandra ( donated $12,000)

 5.  For your next Event (Wedding, Wedding Anniversary, All Puja’s,  Mundan, Baby shower, Graduation Puja, Garba, special birthdays  Jano,)      

       Please book the community Hall. Our Community hall is the most inexpensive hall in Pittsburgh area. We have new tables (round) also 

         rectangular, new chairs, commercial kitchen, free parking lot and many more. You can book on line

My deep thanks to everyone those participated in various temple events and helped in many ways.



 Thank You very Much

 Om Shanti 

 Sarita Singh