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Counselor Responsibilities and Guidelines


The job of the Camp Counselor is full of responsibilities and requires dedication. The counselors are expected to perform numerous and varied tasks, ranging from assistance with food preparation, cleaning as well as directing and guiding Campers from age 9 to 16 years old.


The counselors are expected to set a sound moral and ethical standard for all campers.


Each counselor is expected to complete his/her assignments. All counselors must respect and abide by the rules of the camp and the decisions of the assigned Adult Volunteer and/or Camp Director.


You (Your family) must be a member of the Hindu Jain Temple and must have attended Hindu Jain Temple Camps for at least two years as a camper. Since only a limited number of positions are available, all counselors’ applications will be reviewed and selected on the basis of their qualifications.


The selected counselors will be required to attend a mandatory meeting on To Be Announced. Parents of the counselors must also attend the Mini Camp to understand the roles and responsibilities of their sons and/or daughters at the Campsite. Also, to prepare for the camp, counselors will be required to attend additional meetings by the Camp Committee.